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Geriatric Care Manager

Hi, I'm Heather Eacker

and the Owner of

Eldercare Navigators.

 I've worked with seniors since 1994.

Elder Law Attorney

Hello, I'm Carl Swanes, an attorney that specializes in Elder Care Issues, Property and Trusts.

Let’s Work Together

This is an excellent opportunity to have one hour 1:1 time to speak with an Elder Law Attorney and a Geriatric Care Manager.

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A Winning Partnership

An obvious combination of professionals is that of the Geriatric Care Manager and the Elder Law Attorney. This combination can be a win-win for the client.

What does a Geriatric Care Manager (GCM) do?  A GCM helps families prepare for the challenges of aging family members while ensuring they receive the quality care they deserve.  Our Certified GCM can evaluate the lifestyle needs of the client in need and synchronize these needs with their financial resources.   Our GCM takes a “big picture” look at the medical and social care needs of the older adult. 

Why partner with an Elder Law Attorney?  Estate planning is something that anyone with assets and/or family should address. The benefits extend to the surviving family who endure less stress at a time of grieving and/or significant emotional and financial stress.

The absolute essentials of estate planning include the following documents:

  • Will

  • Medical and Financial Power of Attorney (POA), and

  • Health Care Directive (living will).

Individual circumstances may suggest a need for additional trust or asset-management documents or may identify a client's qualification for special state or national government programs such as Medicaid for long-term care or VA Aid and Attendance that may provide much-needed disability benefits or end-of-life benefits to pay for care. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Additional considerations in estate planning include:

  • Qualifying for disability assistance / aide programs such as Medicaid or Veteran’s Aid and Attendance

  • Accommodating special needs beneficiaries

  • Guardianship or vulnerable adult protection

  • Avoiding unnecessary estate tax on estates over $2M in Washington

  • Protecting minor children


When working with an Eldercare Attorney, a Geriatric Care Manager can advise on the current and future costs of care.  Together we have the capacity to set up a long range plan for care expenditures while defining client care needs, medical condition, and Medicare/Medicaid coverage.  The GCM can partner with the attorney to help you make more informed decisions.

Guiding seniors through the latter decades of their lives often requires a team of professionals.  The Elder Law Attorney and the Geriatric Care Manager working together build a partnership that is greater than the sum of its parts.  This partnership enhances the quality and safety of an older adult’s life. This combination of expertise can add value and is cost effective in the long run.  The partnership between an elder law attorney and a Geriatric Care Manager truly is a win-win situation!