Errand Services

We can provide you or a loved one assistance getting to/from appointments, grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions, organizing incoming mail, going to the post office and any routine personal errands you or a loved one might require. We will work with you to receive specific instructions so that your errands are completed as if you had completed them yourself!

Do you need a little or a lot of help? Let us knockout your to-do list and daily chores, giving you more time for everything else! Do you need help....​

  • Accompanying you to and from a doctor's appointment?

  • Getting rid of a bunch of boxes and hauling them away?

  • Picking up prescriptions, dry cleaning, party platters, groceries, etcetera?

  • Returning items?

  • Purchasing cards, gifts and wrapping them?

  • Going to the post office?

  • Running to the bank?

  • Paying parking tickets or bills?

  • Taking a bunch of items to a donation center?

  • Booking nail, hair, spa, dental and doctor appointments?

  • Referrals to lawn services, maintenance personnel, plumbing, housekeeping services, etcetera?

  • Or some other routine or one time errand?

  • Or somebody to to help you balance out your free time by taking care of your to-do list?

What we don't do:


  • We do not transport people or pets.

  • We do not babysit or supervise children.

  • We do not provide taxi services, but we will gladly organize transportation on your behalf.

  • We do not clean houses, but we will gladly refer and organize this service for you.

  • We do not make purchases on your behalf with our own money, but you can PayPal, provide cash, or pay us via Visa, MasterCard or American Express to make purchases on your behalf. 

  • Travel outside of Seattle.

  • Any activity that is illegal or deemed unsafe. 

We operate Monday through Friday from 8:30-4:30pm. We request that you provide us with your to-do list the day before, so we can complete your tasks thoroughly and efficiently. You can make a last minute/same day request and we will try to accommodate it, based on staff availability. You can communicate your needs to our friendly staff via text or email and we will get right to doing everything we can, to make your life easier. You will have the same assistant work with you to help ensure continuity and quality. Also, every transaction will remain confidential and we will not share any information or tasks completed on your behalf. What are you waiting for; let's get your free time back! 

She thinks of details that otherwise would have been forgotten. We are so thankful that she was able to help us.

- Molly T.

Navigator Client

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