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Want to minimize any surprise bills? Avoid insurance coverage nightmares? And see whether or not you qualify for Medicaid? Eldercare Navigators can review your health insurance coverage for you and let you know exactly what services are covered, what is not, and what any potential co-payments are. As well as advise on more appropriate plans, how Medicaid works and even help with the application process. 


Bills are confusing, and it’s not uncommon to find an alarming amount of billing errors that unknowingly pop up. Everywhere. To help avoid this, Eldercare Navigators is here to ensure that each medical biller has your correct health insurance information and that they have billed your claim correctly. If not, we will assist in disputing the bill. We will also review if you would qualify for any assistance as well. No one should pay more than they need to, especially our clients on fixed incomes.    

Medical Bill Assistance

Understanding your Health Insurance

"We were not sure how my dad's HMO would work in a rehab facility and had a hard time finding a facility that would accept his insurance, but Heather found a facility that he loved and talked us through the whole process throughout my dad's stay."

-Emily C.

Navigator Client