Senior African American couple moving to

Move Management

Transitioning from your home to a Retirement Community can be overwhelming to a senior and their family. We can help you find the best living environment for you or your loved one to thrive both medically, emotionally and economically. Together, we will review financial, geographic and personal preferences to match the senior’s needs and interests with a community that suits them best. 

We can help you:

  • Evaluate and select the appropriate level of care 

  • Assist the older adult to live independently in the least restrictive setting

  • Manage the logistics of the entire move

  • Plan and organizing the move to help you decide how to approach the move, downsize your possessions and manage the transition 

  • Help you close up your house by recommending vetted real estate agents and other professionals to prepare your prior home to sell or rent

  • Transition to new local healthcare providers

  • Ensure your insurance is appropriate and in-network for local providers

  • Ensure a smooth transition to the new residence 


Whether you are moving down the street, or bringing a loved one closer to you from another state, or if you are relocating your parents to the United States, we can help.  Each relocation is different and we can help just a little, which might be simple guidance, so you can do all the work yourself, or we can handle the entire move from start to finish. 

We receive no compensation, nor kickbacks, from any place or service to which we refer you. Unfortunately, this is atypical. How Eldercare Navigators differs from other services is that we provide open and transparent pricing that includes an incredible amount of personalized attention and expertise. We try to match you to a completely unbiased and vetted services that truly matches your own unique needs, not to an entity that’s paying us for referring you to them.